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Learning a Metric for Class-Conditional KNN

Python (Theano) implementation of Learning a Metric for Class-Conditional KNN code provided by Daniel Jiwoong Im and Graham W Taylor.

Class Conditiaonl Metri Learning (CCML) learn a metric which captures perceptual similarity. Similar to how Neighbourhood Components Analysis optimizes a differentiable form of KNN classification, which optimizes a soft form of the Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbour (NBNN) selection rule. For more information, see

    title={Learning a Metric for Class-Conditional KNN},
    author={Im, Daniel Jiwoong and Taylor, Graham W.},
    journal={International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (To appear)},

If you use this in your research, we kindly ask that you cite the above workshop paper



How to run

Entry code for one-bit flip and factored minimum probability flow for mnist data are

    - /
    - /
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