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;;; dired-filetype-face.el --- Set different faces for different filetypes in dired
;; Author: 纪秀峰 <jixiuf at gmail dot com>
;; Copyright (C) 2011~2015,纪秀峰 , all rights reserved.
;; Version: 1.0
;; URL:
;; Keywords: dired filetype face
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs
;; License
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth
;; Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;; Set faces for different file types in dired.
;; I use a dark background maybe the default face doesn't meet your request.
;; You can:
;; M-x customize-group dired-filetype-face RET
;; And maybe:
;; M-x customize-group dired-faces RET
;; may do some help for you.
;;; Installation:
;; Put `dired-filetype-face.el' in your load-path.
;; Your load-path might include the directory ~/elisp/, for example.
;; It's set in your ~/.emacs like this:
;; (add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/elisp"))
;; Add the following to your ~/.emacs startup file.
;; (with-eval-after-load 'dired (require 'dired-filetype-face))
;; If you want to add a new face for new filetype(s):
;; (deffiletype-face "mytype" "Chartreuse")
;; then either:
;; (deffiletype-face-regexp mytype
;; :extensions '("foo" "bar") :type-for-docstring "my type")
;; to match all files ending either ".foo" or ".bar", or equivalently:
;; (deffiletype-face-regexp mytype
;; :regexp "^ -.*\\.\\(foo\\|bar\\)$" :type-for-docstring "my type")
;; and finally:
;; (deffiletype-setup "mytype" "mytype")
;; The :regexp form allows you to specify other things to match on each line of
;; the dired buffer than (only) file extensions, such as the permission bits,
;; the size and the modification times.
;; No need more.
;;; Code:
(require 'dired)
(require 'custom)
(defgroup dired-filetype-face nil
"Set faces for different filetypes in dired."
:prefix "dired-filetype-face-"
:group 'dired-faces)
(defmacro dired-filetype-fmt (fmt sym)
"Call `format' on FMT and SYM, then `downcase', then `intern'."
`(intern (downcase (format ,fmt ,sym))))
(defmacro deffiletype-face (type color &optional type-for-symbol)
"Declare a dired filetype face for displaying TYPE files in the given COLOR.
If TYPE-FOR-SYMBOL is nil, define a face named
Otherwise, define a face named
COLOR may be a string or a list of face properties. If a string,
it is either a color name such as \"Chartreuse\" or a color
hexadecimal RGB number such as \"#xaaaaaa\"."
`(defface ,(dired-filetype-fmt "dired-filetype-%s" (or type-for-symbol type))
,(if (stringp color)
`(quote ((t (:foreground ,color))))
,(format "Face for displaying %s files in dired." type)
:tag ,(format "Dired %s filetype face" type)
:group 'dired-filetype-face))
(defmacro deffiletype-face-regexp (type-for-symbol &rest args)
"Define a regexp option to colorize matching files in dired.
TYPE-FOR-SYMBOL is a symbol to splice into the defined option
symbol. The format string used in splicing is
\"dired-filetype-%s-regexp\", where %s will be replaced by
The remaining arguments are keyword arguments accessed as ARGS.
Exactly one of the two mutually-exclusive keyword
arguments :regexp or :extensions is required.
Keyword argument :extensions must be a list of strings, each of
which is a literal filetype extension without a leading dot and
with no globbing or regexp syntax. This list will be used to
derive a regexp to match against each complete line in the dired
Keyword argument :regexp must be a regexp string to match against
each complete line in the dired buffer. Use this to match file
names by something other than (only) the literal extension,
and/or by other attributes available in the dired buffer such as
modification timestamp and/or permission flags.
Optional keyword argument :type-for-docstring is either a symbol
or a string to splice into the user option docstring instead of
TYPE-FOR-SYMBOL. The format string used in splicing is \"Regexp
to match %s file-types in dired.\", where %s will be replaced by
keyword argument :type-for-docstring if given, or else by
(plist-get args :type-for-docstring)
(regexp (plist-get args :regexp))
(extensions (plist-get args :extensions)))
(or (and (null regexp) extensions) (and (null extensions) regexp))
"Exactly one of keyword arguments :regexp and :extensions is required"))
`(defcustom ,(dired-filetype-fmt "dired-filetype-%s-regexp" type-for-symbol)
,(or regexp extensions)
"Either a list of file extensions or a regexp to match %s file-types in dired."
:format "%t\n%v%h"
:doc "List of file extensions (without a leading dot) to
group together for dired to fontify in the same face. Literal
file extensions only, no glob or regexp patterns."
:tag "File extensions to match"
:tag "Regular expression to match against whole dired line"
:format "%t\n%v%h"
:doc "Include two leading spaces, like this: \"^ \"."))
:tag ,(format "Dired %s filetype pattern" type-for-docstring)
:group 'dired-filetype-face)))
(defconst dired-filetype-face-font-lock-keywords
(1 font-lock-keyword-face))))
(font-lock-add-keywords 'emacs-lisp-mode dired-filetype-face-font-lock-keywords)
(defvar dired-filetype-setup-hook nil)
(deffiletype-face "omit" "dark gray")
(deffiletype-face-regexp omit1
:type-for-docstring unimportant
(deffiletype-face-regexp omit2
:type-for-docstring "backup or cache"
"^ -.*\\(\\.git\\|\\.svn\\|\\.bzr\\|\\.bazaar\\|~\\|#\\|%\\|\\.tmp\\|\\$DATA\\|:encryptable\\|\\.db_encryptable\\)$")
(deffiletype-face-regexp omit3
:type-for-docstring hidden :regexp "^ .* \\.\\(.*$\\)")
(deffiletype-face "rich document" "DarkCyan" "document")
(deffiletype-face-regexp document
:type-for-docstring "rich document"
(deffiletype-face "plain text" "DarkSeaGreen1" "plain")
(deffiletype-face-regexp plain :type-for-docstring "plain text"
(deffiletype-face "common" "Peru")
(deffiletype-face-regexp common
"^ -.*\\(\\.keystore\\|configure\\|INSTALL.*\\|Install.*\\|CONTRIBUTING.*\\|README.*\\|readme.*\\|todo\\|Todo.*\\|TODO.*\\|Cask\\|COPYING.*\\|CHANGES\\|CHANGELOG\\|Changes\\|LICENSE\\|ChangeLog\\|Makefile\\mk|\\|\\|MANIFEST.MF\\|NOTICE.txt\\|build.xml\\|Manifest\\|metadata.xml\\|install-sh\\|NEWS\\|HACKING\\|AUTHORS\\|TAGS\\|tag\\|GPATH\\|id_rsa\\|\\|id_dsa\\|\\|authorized_keys\\|known_hosts\\|CREDITS.*\\)$")
(deffiletype-face "XML" "Chocolate")
(deffiletype-face-regexp XML
(deffiletype-face "compressed" "Orchid" "compress")
(deffiletype-face-regexp compress
:type-for-docstring compressed
(deffiletype-face "source code" "SpringGreen" "source")
(deffiletype-face-regexp source
:type-for-docstring "source code"
(deffiletype-face "program" "blue")
(deffiletype-face-regexp program
"^ -\\([r-][w-]-\\)\\{3\\}.*\\.\\(exe\\|EXE\\|cmd\\|bat\\|BAT\\|msi\\|MSI\\|\\(?:t?c\\|z\\)?sh\\|run\\|reg\\|REG\\|com\\|COM\\|vbx\\|VBX\\|bin\\|xpi\\|bundle\\|awk\\)$")
(deffiletype-face "executable" "green" "execute")
(deffiletype-face-regexp execute :type-for-docstring executable
:regexp "^ -\\([r-][w-]-\\)\\{,2\\}[r-][w-]x")
(deffiletype-face "music" "SteelBlue")
(deffiletype-face-regexp music
(deffiletype-face "video" "SandyBrown")
(deffiletype-face-regexp video
(deffiletype-face "image" "IndianRed2")
(deffiletype-face-regexp image
'((((class color) (background dark)) :foreground "yellow" :background "forest green") (t ())))
(deffiletype-face-regexp link
"^ l\\|^ -.*\\.\\(lnk\\|LNK\\|desktop\\|torrent\\|url\\|URL\\)$")
;;; Custom ends here.
(defcustom dired-filetype-disabled-diredp-faces
"Turn off filetype matching from package `dired+', if installed.
Without this setting, some files will be highlighted by one
package and some by the other. Does not disable any other
features of package dired+; only dired+ file-type highlighting is
affected. If you're wondering why only some of the filetype faces
you define here are taking effect, and you have dired+ installed,
try this."
:type 'boolean
:tag "Disable dired+ filetype matching"
:group 'dired-filetype-face)
(defvar dired-filetype-old-diredp-faces nil
"Backup of filetype faces from package `dired+'.")
(defun dired-filetype-disable-diredp-faces-maybe ()
"Turn off filetype matching from package `dired+' if present."
(when (featurep 'dired+)
(if dired-filetype-disabled-diredp-faces
(when (bound-and-true-p diredp-font-lock-keywords-1)
;; then backup and clear diredp faces
(setq dired-filetype-old-diredp-faces diredp-font-lock-keywords-1)
(setq diredp-font-lock-keywords-1 nil))
;; else restore diredp faces
(when (and
(boundp 'diredp-font-lock-keywords-1)
(null diredp-font-lock-keywords-1))
(setq diredp-font-lock-keywords-1 dired-filetype-old-diredp-faces)))))
(add-hook 'dired-filetype-setup-hook #'dired-filetype-disable-diredp-faces-maybe)
(defmacro deffiletype-setup (type &optional type-for-docstring type-for-symbol type-for-face)
"Declare a function to tell dired how to display TYPE files.
If not nil, use TYPE-FOR-DOCSTRING instead of TYPE for
If not nil, use TYPE-FOR-SYMBOL instead of TYPE to derive the
function symbol.
If not nil, use TYPE-FOR-FACE instead of TYPE to derive the
symbol for the associated face."
((funcsym (dired-filetype-fmt "dired-filetype-set-%s-face" (or type-for-symbol type)))
(optsym (dired-filetype-fmt "dired-filetype-%s-regexp" type)))
(defun ,funcsym ()
,(format "Set dired-filetype-face for %s files." (or type-for-docstring type))
(if (stringp ,optsym)
(format "^ -.*\\.%s$" (regexp-opt ,optsym 'grouped)))
,(dired-filetype-fmt "dired-filetype-%s" (or type-for-face type))))))))))
(add-hook 'dired-filetype-setup-hook #',funcsym t))))
(deffiletype-setup "document" "rich document")
(deffiletype-setup "plain" "plain text")
(deffiletype-setup "common")
(deffiletype-setup "XML")
(deffiletype-setup "compress" "compressed")
(deffiletype-setup "source" "source code")
(deffiletype-setup "omit1" "unimportant" "omit" "omit")
(deffiletype-setup "omit2" "backup and cache" nil "omit")
(deffiletype-setup "omit3" "hidden" nil "omit")
(deffiletype-setup "program")
(deffiletype-setup "execute" "executable")
(deffiletype-setup "music" "audio")
(deffiletype-setup "video")
(deffiletype-setup "image")
(deffiletype-setup "link")
(deffiletype-face "js" "goldenrod")
(deffiletype-face-regexp js :extensions '("js" "json"))
(deffiletype-setup "js")
(defadvice dired-toggle-read-only (after dired-filetype-face activate)
"set different faces for different file type."
(defadvice wdired-exit (after dired-filetype-face activate)
"set different faces for different file type."
(defadvice wdired-finish-edit (after dired-filetype-face activate)
"set different faces for different file type."
(defadvice wdired-abort-changes (after dired-filetype-face activate)
"set different faces for different file type."
(defun dired-filetype-setup()
(run-hooks 'dired-filetype-setup-hook))
;; Append to mode hooks so ours are the last applied, overriding others.
(add-hook 'dired-mode-hook 'dired-filetype-setup 'append)
(add-hook 'wdired-mode-hook 'dired-filetype-setup 'append)
(provide 'dired-filetype-face)
;;; dired-filetype-face.el ends here