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-record(cat, {name, color=green, description}).
start_link() -> gen_server:start_link(?MODULE, [], []).
%% Synchronous call
order_cat(Pid, Name, Color, Description) ->
gen_server:call(Pid, {order, Name, Color, Description}).
%% This call is asynchronous
return_cat(Pid, Cat = #cat{}) ->
gen_server:cast(Pid, {return, Cat}).
%% Synchronous call
close_shop(Pid) ->
gen_server:call(Pid, terminate).
init([]) ->
{ok, []}. %% no treatment of info here!
handle_call({order, Name, Color, Description}, _From, Cats) ->
if Cats =:= [] ->
{reply, make_cat(Name, Color, Description), Cats};
Cats =/= [] ->
{reply, hd(Cats), tl(Cats)}
handle_call(terminate, _From, Cats) ->
{stop, normal, ok, Cats}.
handle_cast({return, Cat = #cat{}}, Cats) ->
{noreply, [Cat|Cats]}.
handle_info(Msg, Cats) ->
io:format("Unexpected message: ~p~n",[Msg]),
{noreply, Cats}.
terminate(normal, Cats) ->
[io:format("~p was set free.~n",[]) || C <- Cats],
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
%% No change planned. The function is there for the behaviour,
%% but will not be used. Only a version on the next
{ok, State}.
%%% Private functions
make_cat(Name, Col, Desc) ->
#cat{name=Name, color=Col, description=Desc}.
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