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Someone like to reuse the current dired buffer to visit another directory, so that you just need open one dired buffer. but the bad point is ,you can’t easily go forward and back in different dired directory. this file can remember dired directory you have visited and list them using `helm.el’.


(require ‘savehist) (add-to-list ‘savehist-additional-variables ‘helm-dired-history-variable) (savehist-mode 1) (eval-after-load ‘dired ‘(progn (require ‘helm-dired-history) (define-key dired-mode-map “,” ‘helm-dired-history-view)))

anything.el has been renamed to Emacs Helm.

The new project is hosted under GitHub? - so I will rename anything-dired-history to helm-dired-history,and new repos will be

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