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Graduate level NLP class in CS @ UVA
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CS 6501 Natural Language Processing

Basic Information

  • Instructor: Yangfeng Ji
  • Semester: Fall 2019
  • Location: Thornton Hall E316
  • Time: Monday and Wednesday 5:00PM - 6:15PM
  • Office Hour: TBD


Course Description

Natural language processing (NLP) seeks to provide computers with the ability to process and understand human language intelligently. Examples of NLP techniques include (i) automatically translating from one natural language to another, (ii) analyzing documents to answer related questions or make related predictions, and (iii) generating texts to help story writing or build conversational agents. This course, consisting of one fundamental part and one advanced part, will give an overview of modern NLP techniques.

Topics of this course include

  1. POS tagging, syntactic parsing;
  2. Discourse processing and coreference resolution;
  3. Distributed semantics and representation learning;
  4. Neural language models, seq2seq models and neural machine translation;
  5. NLP applications: QA, text generation, etc.
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