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coffee-pattern: write pattern matching in CoffeeScript syntax


CoffeeScript doesn't support pattern matching, poor language...

Install from NPM and use in CoffeeScript code:

npm install --save coffee-pattern
{match} = require 'coffee-pattern'

match 'string or number here',
  'string', 'string'
  /^head/, (data) -> print "#{data} matches head"
  /tail$/, (data) -> print "#{data} matches tail"
  /fine/, 'fine'
  5, (data) -> print 'it is five'
  null, -> print 'matches null not undefined'
  undefined, (data) -> print "#{data} has no matching pattern"
  key: -> 'object as a shortcut'

or more crazy:

{M} = require 'coffee-pattern'

M (a is that),
  yes, -> M (b is that),
    yes, -> print 'do something'
  no, -> M c,
    'such string', -> that
    /such\s|w+/, -> 'that too'
    undefined, -> M ret,
      'ok', 'OK'
      'no', 'NO'
  undefined, 'fallback'


  • normally if the pattern and data are equal, they match.
  • if the pattern is a regular expression, than use expression
  • while there's no matched rule, null or undefined would be used
  • it returns undefined if there's nothing to return


Read to see the cases supported.
Read to see how this function works.
Run tests with npm test with Jasmine and CoffeeScript.

This is a simple and dirty solution, send me PRs if you have better ideas :)