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get_type = (varable) ->
as_string = varable
as_string[1...-1].split(' ')[1].toLowerCase()
divide_list = (stack, long_list) ->
if long_list.length > 0
if (get_type long_list[0]) is 'object'
keys = Object.keys long_list[0]
keys.forEach (key) ->
pattern: key
result: long_list[0][key]
divide_list stack, long_list[1..]
pattern: long_list[0]
result: long_list[1]
divide_list stack, long_list[2..]
else stack
exports.match = (data, choices...) ->
# first, find the available patterns
possible = (divide_list [], choices).filter (solution) ->
the_type = get_type solution.pattern
# undefined and null are used to represent 'else'
if solution.pattern is undefined then true
else if the_type is 'regexp'
if (get_type data) is 'string' then data.match solution.pattern
else no
else if the_type is 'function' then solution.pattern data
else data is solution.pattern
sure = possible.filter (solution) -> solution.pattern?
# if there is no matching expression, then use 'else'
chosen = if sure.length > 0 then sure[0] else possible[0]
if chosen?
if (get_type chosen.result) is 'function' then chosen.result data
else chosen.result
else chosen