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This update is mandatory!

Please update before block 30,000 to avoid loss of masternode earnings.

#1 Changes

  • Added Checkpoint
  • Tweaked Rewards For Governance

To Update Linux VPS Wallet

systemctl stop Jiyo
wget https://github.com/jiyocoin/jiyox/releases/download/v.2.1/jiyo-2.1-linux-64bit.tar.gz
tar -xzvf jiyo-2.1-linux-64bit.tar.gz
cp jiyo* /usr/local/bin
jiyod -daemon
jiyo-cli getnetworkinfo | grep subversion

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Jiyo Team has conducted a hardfork!

Old Jiyo's will be swapped on the new chain 5:1, Masternode collateral has been reduced to 5000 JIYO

Make sure you have exchanged coins before installing this wallet or it will overwrite the old data!

jiyo-2.0.0-osx-x64.zip is for pre OSX High Sierra / For High Sierra Please download jiyo-2.0.0-osx-highsierra.dmg


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Supply Change, Base58 Prefix Change