F# library for estimating future stock prices
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F# library for estimating future stock prices


This library use linear regression for estimating future stock prices based on the historical data.


  • StockEstimator.Logic - F# project that calculates the future stock prices
  • StockEstimator.Tests - F# unit test project written with xUnit, FsUnit, FsCheck and Unquote
  • StockEstimator.WebApi - F# RESTful API for get getting stock prices (using StockEstimator.Logic) written in F# with Suave Framework
  • StockEstimator.Web - ASP.NET Core web application built with Aurelia Framework that uses StockEstimator.WebApi for getting future stock prices
  • StockEstimator.Charts - F# WebForms app that display chart with future stock price estimates
  • StockEstimator.ConsoleApp - C# console app that get future stock prices using StockEstimator.Logic


  • Refactor logic to perform one request per estimate range
  • Prettify UI
  • Add more advanced algorithms for estimating stock prices
  • Deploy to Azure (as Windows Container)
  • Deploy to Heroku
  • add real-time prices for current day (i.e. refresh result every 10(?) seconds to get latest price) - will be visible when estimating based on last 1-2 days)
  • add caching results on server-side
  • add caching results on client-side