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sshrpc readme.txt
by Kenji Rikitake
This is sshrpc, an experimental module for Erlang RPC over SSH.
* ssh module configuration requirement
Option {nodelay, true} MUST be set on both sides of
ssh:connect and ssh:daemon, for ensuring immediate
answers during the exchange.
* subsystem
sshrpc is implemented as an SSH subsystem, named as
Note: this name is local and temporary
subsystem code: sshrpc_subsystem.erl
* client code
client code is still incomplete and under development.
client_test_nonotp.erl: an ad-hoc implementation without OTP;
sshrpc_client.erl: OTP ssh_channel based client code implementation,
client_test.erl: example code using sshrpc_client.erl.
NOTE: R13B04 ssh_connection:send/4 has an argument parsing bug
to treat the Timeout 'infinity' atom as a Data and
crashes when trying to erlang:size([infinity]).
* sshrpc_client module functions (still experimental)
sync_call(Pid, Module, Function, Arguments) -> result | {badrpc, Reason}
synchronous function evaluation on the remote node
as connected through sshrpc subsystem via process Pid.
* SSH channel usage
sshrpc uses SSH Channel Type 0 for RPC exchange.
Usage for other Types are reserved.
Out-of-band signaling is not implemented.
* RPC exchange format
Larger binary packet for each exchange:
<< Length:32/unsigned-big-integer,
%% 4-byte binary (?UINT32())
%% of Erlang External Format of Length bytes
Content for each exchange contains tuples only.
Command tuples:
{mfa, {Module, Function, Args}}
execute erlang:apply(Module, Function, Args) at the server node.
{answer, {Reply, Status}}
result of the {mfa, {...}} command tuple.
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