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<div id="title">php<span>blueprint</span>framework</div>
<div id="sub_title">simple, flexible, expandable</div>
<article id="documentation">
<section id="rules">
Naming Conventions:<br />
1. All files except view files must start with an uppercase followed by all lowercase.<br />
2. All controller classes must have the suffix '_Controller' and follow rule 1.<br />
- &nbsp;Example, 'MyController' in the file 'Mycontroller.php' is 'class Mycontroller_Controller extends Controller'.<br />
3. The same is done for models as for controllers in rule 2.<br />
- &nbsp;Example, 'MyModel' in the file 'Mymodel.php' is 'class Mymodel extends Model'.<br />
4. Library class names must follow rule 1.
<li>All configuration file's $config variable's will be loaded into the parent model and controller classes as objects.</li>
<li>To access the configuration variable '$config['one']['two']' inside a model or controller use:
<li>Controller classes extend 'Controller' and Model classes extend 'Model'. Don't forget to call the parent constructor to get the 'load' and 'config' objects.</li>
<li>To load a library object use:
<li>To load a model use
<li>To load a controller use:
<li>To load a view use:
<li>An associative array of data can be passed to the view and its key's will be extracted into variables to be used by the view by using:
<pre>'$this->load->view('my_view', $my_data_array)'</pre>