Predictive Algorithms on Million Song Dataset
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#Project Handbook: An Analytical Survey of Song Recommendation Methods

Team Members

Jason Baker, Josh Janzen, Nomvelo Moyo, Timothy Stevens, Usman Waheed


This document describes where to access the datasets, code scripts, and analysis spreadsheets used in our project. In most cases, the files are located with the GitHub repository (and related zip files). The larger files are located in a publicly accessible Amazon S3 repository.

All references to local directories (i.e., /code/...) refer to directories within the public GitHub repository located at :

Archives of the GitHub repository files (without the datasets) are available at the following locations:

Installing the datasets

##Download Sites:

Million Song Dataset metadata in TSV format (189MB). 1 million rows of song metadata (songId, title, artist name, release date, etc)

Taste Profile Subset in TSV format (512MB). 48 million rows of song listener transactions (userId, songId, play count)


No preprocessing is necessary to install the datasets on HANA. Use the standard HANA import functions to import the data in TSV format.

Example Song Dataset import file for HANA: /code/song.ctl

Example Taste Profile Subset import file for HANA: /code/taste.ctl

Data must be imported and pre-processed in Hadoop using Hive. The pre-processing code is located in /code/preprocessing_data.hql.

Creating models

The HANA sql code to create the Association Rules model is located in /code/association-rules.sql

A downloadable version of the AR model generated from our training set is available at:

HANA Association Rules dataset (46MB)

The HQL code to generate the Naive Bayes and Collaborative Filtering models is located in /code/create_models_output.hql

Testing Process

##Generating test data

We generated two sets of data during the testing process: a training dataset and a testing dataset.

The training set for our project (1.2GB) is located at:

The testing set for our project (1MB) is located at:

Preprocessing test data in Hadoop

Involves moving 1k random test users into Hadoop to be processed in Hive. Then splits the 1k users song in half. Code is located in: /code/preprocessing_data_testing.hql.

Creating test output

Follows similar steps as "creating models" above, but separates out testing users. The final step was using the test users while splitting results and returning a boolean value denoting whether the user actually listened to the song. Code is located in /code/create_testing_output.hql

Downloading test output

Naïve Bayes Prediction Data for Testing dataset (12MB): /testing/nb_test_out_05_08.xlsx

Collaborative Filtering Prediction Data for Testing dataset (8MB): /testing/cf_test_output_05_08.xlsx

Association Rule Prediction Data for Testing dataset (6MB) /testing/ar_test_out_05_08.xlsx

Final project calculations and analysis

Excel calculations and charts for Naive Bayes located in /testing/ScenarioTesting_NaiveBayes.xlsx

Excel calculations and charts for Collaborative Filtering located in /testing/ScenarioTesting_CollaborativeFiltering.xlsx

Excel calculations and charts for Association Rules located in /testing/ScenarioTesting_AssociationRules.xlsx

Final project metrics and charts are located in the Excel file: /testing/Metrics_FinalCompilation.xlsx