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A hubot chef/knife wrapper script
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Hubot: hubot-chef

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A chef/knife wrapper script for hubot. You like chatops right?

See src/ for full documentation.


Add hubot-chef to your package.json file:

"dependencies": {
  "hubot": ">= 2.5.1",
  "hubot-scripts": ">= 2.4.2",
  "hubot-chef": ">= 0.0.0"

Add hubot-chef to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install hubot-chef

I have a for the plans I want in it. If you want to do it you are more than welcome!

Sample Interaction

user1> hubot knife node status
hubot> Getting statuses of all nodes...
hubot> 4 hours ago, apt, apt,, ubuntu 12.04.

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