bshell lets you enter into a shell where all commands happen in the bundle exec environment.
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Add bshell to your project's Gemfile:

gem 'bshell'
$ bundle install

Add this line to your shell config:

$ echo '/usr/bin/env bshell prompt_config' >> ~/.bash_profile


$ cd ~/projects/my_bundler_managed_project
$ type rake
rake not found
$ bshell
$ type rake


Add the current project name to your prompt:


Now you get:

$ cd ~/projects/awesome_project
$ bshell



  • possible feature: like how rbenv or rvm pick up a ruby version, bshell could automatically pick up a bundler environment when a Gemfile is detected. This would have to be checked whenever the directory is changed... not exactly clear what should happen if a user cds out of a project... fire up a new "normal" shell? For me, this could be okay -- it's rare that I go in and out of project dirs, usually I have Terminals up for the project, and other Terminals for other stuff. But then we'd be firing up more shells inside the ruby invocation or bundler... icky.
  • n.b.: i haven't used this extensively, there might be corner cases where the environment provided doesn't work out... ruby might run out of memory or munge characters...
  • Any other feedback, criticism, and ideas are welcome :-)