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Commits on Mar 8, 2012
  1. @bagder
  2. @bagder

    CONNECT: made generically not per-protocol

    bagder authored
    Curl_protocol_connect() now does the tunneling through the HTTP proxy if
    requested instead of letting each protocol specific connection function
    do it.
  3. @bagder
  4. @bagder

    LWIP: don't consider HAVE_ERRNO_H to be winsock

    bagder authored
    The check for Winsock definition was a bit too broad
  5. @falconindy @bagder

    curl-config: only provide libraries with --libs

    falconindy authored bagder committed
    In line with the manpage, curl-config --libs should only provide the necessary
    library flags for the linker in order to compile software with libcurl. Also
    with this change, we match what the pkg-config file provides.
Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. @bagder
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @bagder

    libcurl docs: version corrections

    bagder authored
    Correct some inconsistencies in which version some things were added.
    Reported by: "curlybugs"
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @bagder

    CONNECT: fix ipv6 address in the Request-Line

    bagder authored
    Commit 466150b fixed the Host: header with CONNECT, but I then
    forgot the preceeding request-line. Now this too uses [brackets]
    properly if a ipv6 numerical address was given.
    Reported by: "Blacat"
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    SMTP: Added support for returning SMTP response codes

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Set the conn->data->info.httpcode variable in smtp_statemach_act() to
    allow Curl_getinfo() to return the SMTP response code via the
  2. @bagder

    curl.1: updated --libcurl

    bagder authored
    With Colin Hogben's recent work, --libcurl now also works with -F and
    more. Remove the previous caveat.
  3. @bagder

    test: --libcurl fixes

    bagder authored
    The line endings broke when I saved the three recent patches (my fault,
    not Colin's) to 'git am' them.
    Adjusted the stripping of the test program for comparing to also exclude
    the SSH key file name as that will differ and use a local path name.
  4. @bagder

    Add helper script to manipulate --libcurl tests.

    Colin Hogben authored bagder committed
    The intention is to take the output of curl's --libcurl option,
    as exercised in test 14xx, and generate a corresponding test15xx
    in which the generated code is compiled and run.  This will verify
    that the generated code behaves equivalently to the original
    invocation of the curl command.
    The script is not yet integrated into the configure / makefile
  5. @bagder

    Add tests for curl's --libcurl output.

    Colin Hogben authored bagder committed
    These tests check the output of the --libcurl option of curl,
    including the improved option handling added in a related patch.
  6. @bagder

    Generate lists and use symbols in --libcurl code output.

    Colin Hogben authored bagder committed
    This patch improves the output of curl's --libcurl option by
    generating code which builds curl_httppost and curl_slist lists, and
    uses symbolic names for enum and flag values.  Variants of the
    my_setopt macro in tool_setopt.h are added in order to pass extra type
    information to the code-generation step in tool_setopt.c.
    If curl is configured with --disable-libcurl-option then the macros
    call curl_easy_setopt directly.
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    smtp.c: Fixed an issue with writing postdata

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Fixed a problem in smtp_done() when writing out the postdata as
    Curl_write() would periodically return zero bytes written.
  2. @bagder

    CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH: added in 7.25.0

    bagder authored
    Brought in commit 0cf0ab6
  3. @bagder

    pop3 test server: send terminating ".CRLF" only

    bagder authored
    With commit 035ef06 applied, the test pop3 server needs to send
    ".\r\n" as the body terminating sequence and there needs to be a final
    CRLF in the actual body in the test data file.
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    pop3.c: Fixed drop of final CRLF in EOB checking

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Curl_pop3_write() would drop the final CRLF of a message as it was
    considered part of the EOB as opposed to part of the message. Whilst
    the EOB sequence needs to be searched for by the function only the
    final 3 characters should be removed as per RFC-1939 section 3.
    Reported by: Rich Gray
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    smtp.c: Fixed an issue with the EOB checking

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Curl_smtp_escape_eob() would leave off final CRLFs from emails ending
    in multiple blank lines additionally leaving the smtpc->eob variable
    with the character count in, which would cause problems for additional
    emails when sent through multiple calls to curl_easy_perform() after a
  2. @bagder

    CURLE_FTP_PRET_FAILED: listed twice

    bagder authored
    Make sure it is mentioned once and with the correct description
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @bagder

    --mail-auth documented

    bagder authored
  2. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    SMTP: Code policing and tidy up

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
  3. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    curl: Added support for --mail-auth

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Added an extra command-line argument to support the optional AUTH
    parameter in SMTPs MAIL FROM command.
  4. @kdudka
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    DOCS: Added information for CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH.

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Added information relating to the new CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH parameter and
    reworked CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM and CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT to be a clearer.
    Fixed inconsistencies of "vocalisation of the abbreviation" versus
    "vocalisation of the first word" for all abbreviations.
    Corrected a typo in CURLOPT_NOPROXY.
  2. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    smtp.c: Fixed use of angled brackets in AUTH parameter.

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Fixed the use of angled brackets "<>" in the optional AUTH parameter as
    per RFC-2554 section 5. The address should not include them but an
    empty address should be replaced by them.
Commits on Feb 14, 2012
  1. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    smtp_mail: Added support to MAIL FROM for the optional AUTH parameter

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Added a new CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH option that allows the calling program to
    set the optional AUTH parameter in the MAIL FROM command.
    When this option is specified and an authentication mechanism is used
    to communicate with the mail server then the AUTH parameter will be
    included in the MAIL FROM command. This is particularly useful when the
    calling program is acting as a relay in a trusted environment and
    performing server to server communication, as it allows the relaying
    server to specify the address of the mailbox that was used to
    authenticate and send the original email.
  2. @toddouska @bagder

    cyassl: update to CyaSSL 2.0.x API

    toddouska authored bagder committed
    Modify to test for new CyaSSL Init function and remove
    default install path to system.  Change to CyaSSL OpenSSL header and
    proper Init in code as well.
    Note that this no longer detects or works with CyaSSL before v2
  3. @bagder


    bagder authored
    I accidentally left the lowest bits 01 before
  4. @captain-caveman2k @bagder

    SMTP: Fixed error when using CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY

    captain-caveman2k authored bagder committed
    Fixed incorrect behavior in smtp_done() which would cause the end of
    block data to be sent to the SMTP server if libcurl was operating in
    connect only mode. This would cause the server to return an error as
    data would not be expected which in turn caused libcurl to return
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. @bagder


    bagder authored
    We will go straight to 7.25.0 due to the new additions
  2. @bagder

    curlver.h: bumped to 7.25.0

    bagder authored
    and updated the end year in the generic copyright string
  3. @bagder

    RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 2b26eb9

    bagder authored
    9 bug fixes, 4 changes and numerous contributors
    Bumped release version and option counters
  4. @bagder

    configure: add option disable --libcurl output

    Colin Hogben authored bagder committed
  5. @ghedo @bagder

    curl tool: allow negative numbers as option values

    ghedo authored bagder committed
    Fix the str2num() function to not check if the input string starts with a
    digit, since strtol() supports numbers prepended with '-' (and '+') too.
    This makes the --max-redirs option work as documented.
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