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You will almost certainly want to make Rack::Timeout the very first middleware. (The only thing that you might possibly want to put before it is an exception/error reporter).

require 'rack/timeout'
use Rack::Timeout
# ... configuration (see below for options) ...
# ... other middleware ...
run MyApp::Application # if it's a Rails app

Rails 3 app

# Gemfile
gem "rack-timeout", github: 'ganxy/rack-timeout'

# config/initializers/timeout.rb
Rack::Timeout.time = 10
#... other config


Changing the timeout time (default is 15)

Rack::Timeout.time = 25

Setting a custom handler to report timeouts

Rack::Timeout.reporter = lambda{ |exception, env|
  ::Exceptional::Catcher.handle_with_rack(exception, env,

Specifying a custom error page and title

Rack::Timeout.error_page = ''
Rack::Timeout.error_title = "We're sorry :'-("

Here be dragons

Ruby Timeout relies on threads. If your app or any of the libraries it depends on is not thread-safe, you may run into issues using rack-timeout.


  • figure out why when iserted before rack lock and using Rack::Deflater results in "Unexpected error while processing request: Attempt to unlock a mutex which is not locked", starting from when I started using the wrapper-thread.
  • tidier configuration system
  • Figure out who made the text failwhale and give attribution.

Copyright © 2012 John Bachir
Copyright © 2010 Caio Chassot
released under the MIT license

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