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This project is unmaintained. I recommend all users move to an alternative app.

Scrobble Droid

This application is a "scrobbler".

That means that it is software that watches the music you listen to and sends information about it to, where they use that information to do things like make personalized charts for you and make recommendations about other music you might like.

This particular scrobbler is for the Android™ mobile phone platform (as used on the T-Mobile G1). It keeps track of the music you listen to using the "Music" application that comes with the phone (either the standard Android Music app or the modified HTC one that is used on the HTC Hero).


Scrobble Droid is now available via the Android Market (for free). If you are viewing this on your Android phone then there is a link to it's Market entry here.


1.0.62011-03-06Fixed scrobbling of the default Music app on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
1.0.52009-08-16Fixed the app not identifying itself properly when sending data to Last.FM
1.0.42009-08-16Updated to work with the HTC Music app that is found on the HTC Hero.
1.0.32008-12-01Changed the sign-up link to the regular (non-mobile) version because the CAPTCHA on the mobile version was apparently not always working.
1.0.22008-11-28Fixed a bug where the app would waste battery by preventing the phone from sleeping if there was an major error (like an incorrect password).
1.0.12008-11-27Fixed a major bug where the last track to be played was not being queued. Sorry about that.
1.02008-11-27First release

Bugs / Suggestions / Contributions

You can report a bug or suggestion in the "Issues" section. That's also the place to go if you have a patch that you'd like to contribute.

Other comments

If you have more general feedback then please feel free to leave a comment on the Scrobble Droid entry at the Android Market, or send an e-mail to: scrobbledroid at jjc1138 dot net.


If you are the developer of an Android application that plays music and you'd like to add scrobbling support to it then please see the easy to use Scrobble Droid API.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.


A scrobbler for Android: Keeps track of music you listen to and sends details to







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