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README project sources
----------------------- comprises three parts:

1) The static web content under the war directory.
2) The open, save, embed, proxy and iconfinder servlets as one servlet war. These are located under src/com/mxgraph/online/.
3) The image export servlet. This is located under etc/imageexport.

Prior to invoking any builds, search war/index.html for "CUSTOM_PARAMETERS". The image export URL is the most important variable to change (EXPORT_URL). 
Without that the export to image will use our server, which somewhat defeats the point of hosting it. The servlet is mapped to "export" and the default name 
of the war is "Imageexport" so "/Imageexport/export" is the value if you deploy that war as-is and the servlet engine is on the root of the domain.

/etc/build/build.xml is the ant build file for the main war. Invoking "war" will generate build/draw.war.

/etc/imagexport/build.xml is the ant build file for the image export war. Invoking "war" will generate /etc/imageexport/imageexport.war.

Depoly these wars on a servlet engine and navigate to the location of the first war, you will get the application.


The underlying mxGraph library is licensed to you either the or the mxGraph commercial license 
(if you're a paying customer). Please understand that we make a living selling the mxGraph library commercially, we need to avoid being 
used freely where mxGraph would previously have been sold.

The source to itself is Apache 2.0 licensed (or mxGraph Commercial License), but obviously the mxGraph license dominates this for commercial 

We separate between developing against the mxGraph API and just deploying for general usage. Thus, we make exceptions to the CCNC license 
if you want to take as-is and deploy it for your own use (note this only affects commercial users). Below, we will build up a list of alterations 
you can make to without being subject to the mxGraph commercial license (note this only affects commercial users):

- You can alter paths so that the functionality works correctly in your deployment environment
- You can add and remove menu options and library stencil sets to/from the UI

If you require more exceptions, please add to issue tracker.