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This is a single Helm chart that deploys a pgAdmin instance to your Kubernetes cluster.


This install assumes you have an existing Kubernetes cluster installed and a postgresql instance deployed.


Once you've cloned this repo, you can create your helm package by running the following command in the repo's root directory:

helm package .


After packaging the chart, you then install it into your Kubernetes cluster by targeting the packaged archive:

helm install pgadmin-0.1.0.tgz

Optionally, you can provide a custom username and password:

helm install --set pgadmin.username=myuser,pgadmin.password=mypassword pgadmin-0.1.0.tgz

The deployment will take a while to provision a public IP for the service. You can watch for this using the following command:

kubectl get svc -w -l app=pgadmin


When the deployment has finished and you have an external IP for your pgAdmin service, you can go to the pgAdmin portal at http://{external-ip}:5050/.

Default Credentials:
password: admin

Once logged in, add a new server and provide the Cluster IP, username and password for your postgres service.