Basic wordsearch generator
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Wordsearch generator

(o Generador de sopas de letras)

Based on

Currently, this is a simple command-line script which generates a wordsearch grid.


python <difficulty> [word...]


python easy duck "polar bear" dog horse rabbit

The grid size, and permissible directions for words, is controlled by the difficulty setting, which is one of easy, normal and hard.

The output grid is displayed on stdout, and written to a pdf file called with the same name of the first word.

Example of the generated pdf:


Improvements from the original version

  • Better pdf layout
  • Configurable header and footer
  • Allow words with spaces (using quotes). Example: python hard word1 "word with spaces" word3
  • Allow not only ascii input (for example, words with ñ or á é í ó ú are fine)