Blocks the snow from falling on any site using the WordPress Jetpack plugin.
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Block Holiday Snow

Author: Josh Eaton @jjeaton
Version: 0.1

Chrome Extension to block the falling snow effect on any site using the WordPress Jetpack plugin. For more info on why it should be blocked read this.

The extension works by preventing any web request from downloading a file called snowstorm.js. If you depend on a site that has mission-critical code in snowstorm.js, you probably don't want this extension.

If you're a WordPress site admin and want to add the falling snow effect to your site in a responsible way, check out my WordPress plugin: Jetpack Holiday Snow Opt-In.


  1. Download a zip of the master branch.
  2. In Chrome go to Tools > Extensions or chrome://extensions/.
  3. Open the build directory from the zip, and drag the .crx file onto the Extensions page in Chrome. The extension should now be installed.