Command Line updater for WordPress
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Command Line Updater for WordPress

This script is no longer maintained. Please use the awesome WP-CLI instead!

Interactive script to upgrade all plugins requiring an update in a WordPress installation from the command line. Useful when security and file permissions prevent upgrades from the Dashboard.

Author: Josh Eaton
Author URL:


  1. Drop the update_all_plugins.php file into the root of your WordPress installation
  2. Execute the script from the command line: php update_all_plugins.php
  3. When asked if you would like to update, type 'y' or 'n' for each plugin
  4. Login to your WP Dashboard and make sure nothing is broken.


  • Command line argument for non-interactive run
  • Print out all plugins to upgrade first
  • Add versions for core upgrade and theme upgrade
  • Error checking and handling
  • Notifications


  • v0.4 - Now uses wp-load.php instead of wp-blog-header.php and disables cron. Based on info from Otto on the wp-hackers list
  • v0.3 - Updated for WP 3.3.1