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This repository

A simple wrapper for Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)

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Amazon SES

A simple Amazon SES wrapper, supports the following actions:

  • DeleteVerifiedEmailAddress
  • GetSendQuota
  • GetSendStatistics
  • ListVerifiedEmailAddresses
  • SendEmail
  • VerifyEmailAddress

Does not currently support SendRawEmail.


  npm install amazon-ses

Or from source:

  git clone git://
  cd amazon-ses
  npm link .

Verify Source Email

Verify the source email address with Amazon.

  var AmazonSES = require('amazon-ses');
  var ses = new AmazonSES('access-key-id', 'secret-access-key');

You will receive a confirmation email - click the link in that email to finish the verification process.

Send Email

      from: ''
    , to: ['', '']
    , replyTo: ['']
    , subject: 'Test subject'
    , body: {
          text: 'This is the text of the message.'
        , html: 'This is the html body of the message.'

Get verified email addresses

  ses.listVerifiedEmailAddresses(function(result) {

Deleted a verified email address

  ses.deleteVerifiedEmailAddress('', function(result) {

Get Quota and Stats

  ses.getSendQuota(function(result) {

  ses.getSendStatistics(function(result) {
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