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A Java NIO Server using non-blocking IO all the way through.
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Java NIO Server

A Java NIO Server using non-blocking IO all the way through.

Note: This is NOT intended for reuse "as is". This is an example of how you could design a Java NIO server yourself. The design is explained in this tutorial:

Java NIO Non-blocking Server

Because this is an example app - this project will NOT accept feature requests. If there are any obvious bugs in the code, I can fix those, but apart from that, the code has to stay as it is.

By the way, I am working a real, usable non-blocking client-server API called "Nanosai Net Ops" - based on the designs of this project. That project contains both a client and a server, and you can use both client and server using both blocking and non-blocking methods, and switch between the two modes as you see fit. You can find Net Ops here:

I have been able to "echo" around 200.000 messages per second with Net Ops (in early versions), coming from 3 clients running on the same machine, against a single-threaded server - on a Quad core CPU.

Net Ops has several smaller improvements in the design and functionality over the server you see in this project, so if you really want to study a more robust non-blocking IO client / server design, look at Net Ops too.

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