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<title>Workspace Find Tag Dialog</title>
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<h2 align="left"><img src="IconWWTagFindDlg.png" width="32" height="32"> Workspace
Find Tag</h2>
<h3 align="center"><img src="FindTag.png" width="590" height="416"></h3>
<p align="left">This is the <span class="wwhiz">Workspace Whiz</span> Find Tag
<p align="left">The <span class="field">Type</span> field and <span class="field">Show</span>
button are described on the <a href="FindTagDisplay.html">Tag Display</a> page.</p>
<p align="left">The <span class="field">Parent</span> and <span class="field">Tag
to match</span> fields are described in <a href="FindTagMatchingTags.html">Tag
Matching</a>, <a href="FindTagNavigation.html">Tag Navigation</a>, and <a href="FindTagSearchAttributes.html">Tag
Search Attributes</a>. </p>
<p align="left"></p>
<p align="left">Right clicking on a tag will activate the <a href="TagContextMenu.html">Tag
Context Menu</a>.</p>
<p align="left"></p>
<p align="left">Manipulate extra files (including workspaces and projects) considered
for the file list by pressing the <span class="field">Extra Files</span> button.
These extra files are usually not in the open Developer Studio workspace. Extra
files are very useful for external libraries which the application uses. See
<a href="ExtraFiles.html">Extra Files</a> for more information. </p>
<p align="left">Pressing the <span class="field">Current File</span> button will
activate the <a href="FileContextMenu.html">File Context Menu</a>.</p>
<p align="left">The Rebuild Tags and Refresh Tags buttons are described on te
<a href="FindTagRefresh.html">Tag Refresh</a> page.</p>
<p align="left">Press <span class="field">OK</span> to find the selected tags.</p>
<p align="left">Press <span class="field">Cancel</span> to close the dialog without
finding any tags.</p>
<p align="left">Choose <span class="field">Help</span> to activate the context-sensitive
<p align="left">Choose <span class="field">About</span> to activate the Workspace
Whiz! About dialog. From the About dialog, it is possible to <a href="Ordering.html">Order</a>
Workspace Whiz</p>
<p align="left">Choose <span class="field">Preferences</span> to activate the
<a href="Preferences.html">Preferences dialog</a>.</p>
<h3 align="left">&nbsp;</h3>
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