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A format to store time-accurate recordings of go lectures/games together with optional media
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// Copyright (C) 2012 by Jonas Jermann <>


RGF stands for Recording Game Format. It extends the SGF file format
(together with additional media files) with time-accurate recordings of 
games or lectures. It is mainly intended for the game "Go" but in principle
it should work as is for any game. Other games are not officially supported
so far though. If you are interested whether it can be made to work
for other games then please contact me <>.

Each added RGF file is referenced in a game-info node in the SGF file which
also  contains all of its "header" information, stored in two new properties
named "GS" (game stream) and "MS" (media stream). See DOCS/RGF.txt for a more
detailed specification. We call such a node a game stream node.

The syntax of an RGF file is very similar to the SGF syntax but it is not
strictly backwards compatible to SGF. The (main) SGF file remains valid
though. The SGF file, all RGF files and the media files are all bundled
together in a .tar file with file extension .rgt. This "container" file
format is named RGT. If it is further compressed with gzip (.tar.gz) the
extension becomes .rgz.   
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