Allows TSQLUnit to run unit tests as a database job (SQL Agent)
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Wrapper for TSQLUnit that allows unit tests to be run as a database job (SQL Agent), with the results that can be sent as a html-formatted email.

This project is the result of a need to look for common issues in a legacy system that the client didn't have the resources to fix immediately. Anytime I've mentioned it to colleagues they've expressed interest in seeing more, so I finally got around to providing some code.

The scripts are targeted at SQL Server 2005 or greater, but it could be modified to work with 2000 fairly easily. It uses a few nvarchar(max) variables, a [job] schema, and some XML processing for the email procedure.


  1. Install TSQLUnit (i.e. setup database)
  2. Modify TSQLUnit (details below, or use scripts provided)
  3. Create [job] database objects (be sure to create the job schema first!)
  4. Create a SQL Agent job that calls job.job_runTests (see code below)

Note: the number of db objects is small enough that I just decided to provide one object per file in this repository. There is no install script, you'll have to run each individually. (Sorry!)


To run, call the stored procedure: job.job_RunTests

exec job.job_RunTests

This is the exact script I use in the SQL Agent job:

DECLARE @jobid int, @success bit;

EXEC job.job_RunTests 
	@jobid = @jobid OUTPUT;

SELECT @success=success FROM job.jobtest WHERE jobid=@jobid;

--send email with error list
if (@success = 0)
	EXEC job.job_SendResultEmail @jobid=@jobid, @debug=0


In TSQLUnit:

  1. Tests are run via stored procedure: tsu_runTests
    • Summary of results stored in table: dbo.tsuLastTestResult
    • dbo.tsuTestRsults has a row for failures found, organized by testResultID
    • dbo.tsuFailures and dbo.tsuErrors have details of each failure, linked by testResultID

In tsqlunit_job:

  1. Tests are run via stored procedure: job.job_RunTests
    • Wraps entire TSQLUnit process under a @jobID
    • Uses the resulting @jobID to send notifications

TSQLUnit Modifications

I had to change the [message] that was passed around in the application from nvarchar(255) to nvarchar(max). This required modifying a few objects in the tsqlunit database. The changes are summarized below, or you can download the scripts in the folder.


  • dbo.tsuActiveTest: column [message]
  • dbo.tsuErrors: column [message]
  • dbo.tsuFailures: column [message]

Stored Procedures

  • dbo.tsu__private_addError: @errorMessage
  • dbo.tsu__private_addFailure: @errorMessage
  • dbo.tsu_error: @msg
  • dbo.tsu_failure: @message
  • dbo.tsu_runTestSuite: @message