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A demo of a DropDown Widget in flutter that can be validated.
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A demo of a DropDown Widget in flutter that can be validated.


The Flutter team is supposed to release a full-featured dropdown at some point in the future. So be sure to check on this if you intend to use this in production code.


I wanted to validate a dropdown, and could not find any good examples of how to do it.

Flutter provides a few convenience widgets that help you validate fields on a form. A good example is a TextFormField. It wraps a TextField with a FormField, providing an easier way to validate text.

For whatever reason, they didn't provide a convenience widget for the DropDown widget. So that's what I did.

This demo is actually 2 demos.

main.dart - a simple form that wraps a DropDown in a FormField. Everything you need is right there to copy and customize.

main_formfield.dart - I made a custom Widget, called DropdownFormField that does all the FormField stuff for you. For the most part - your results may vary.

  • Both examples include a TextFormField widget

If you find a bug or know of a better way to achieve the result, please make a Pull Request!

Running the Demos

Both demos have their own file to use as starting point.

From a terminal:
Main Demo: flutter run ./lib/main.dart
FormField Demo: flutter run ./lib/main_formfield.dart

Special thanks to, who got me started with validating forms.

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