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Smith College / CSC212 / P0 Starter Code

How to import this project into Eclipse

There are a lot of steps here! Don't try to memorize them. Whenever you click next, or open a menu, see if you can read it, guess what you should do next, and confirm with these steps. Doing it this way will help you get through it quicker for future assignments.

  1. Go to the "File" menu and choose "Import"
  2. Expand the Git Folder and choose "Projects from Git"
  3. Click "Next"
  4. Choose "Clone URI"
  5. Copy and paste into the URI field.
  6. Click "Next"
  7. Wait for it to find "master"
  8. Click "Next"
  9. (optional) Choose a directory to store the project.
  10. Click "Next"
  11. Choose "Import as general project"
  12. Click "Next"
  13. Click "Finish"
  14. Right-Click on the new project that showed up in the "Package Explorer" on the left. Select "Configure > Convert to Maven Project".

Find and run the code!

  1. Expand the "GuessingGame" folder, expand the "src/main/java" and "(default package)" folders.
  2. Double-Click on
  3. Run the code. Do one of:
    • Press the Green Run button at the top.
    • Use the Run menu at the top and select Run.
    • Right-Click and choose "Run As > Java Application"
  4. The "Console" tab on the bottom should show you the output of the program. (When you implement the rest of the game, you will also need to type here... the cursor looks like it's in the wrong place sometimes but don't worry.)

Implement the rest of the game!

Remember, type to learn syntax and cite! Use the solution as example code.

Challenges (Optional!)

These are edits that your classmates and I have discussed, consider it a nice way to make this exercise and sample code more active and interesting.

  1. Make the text messages much sassier.
  2. Tell the user "That guess is out of range" if their guess is too high or too low.
  3. See if you can a print statement "That was a very good guess!" if the user is within 10 or so of the correct answer.

Create a Zip file to upload to Moodle

  1. Go to the "File" menu and choose "Export".
  2. Expand the "General" folder.
  3. Choose "Archive File"
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Make sure the project you are exporting is checked.
  6. Fill in the "To archive file:" field with "" e.g., I do "" You can use the "Browse" button to choose another place for it, like your desktop.
  7. Make sure "Save in zip format" is checked.
  8. Click "Finish"
  9. Upload that zip file to Moodle!