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* YLDataSourceProtocol.h
* MacBlueTelnet
* Created by Yung-Luen Lan on 9/1/07.
* Copyright 2007 All rights reserved.
@interface NSObject (YLDataSourceProtocol)
- (int) row;
- (int) column;
- (BOOL) isDirtyAtRow: (int) r column:(int) c;
- (NSColor *) fgColorAtRow: (int) r column: (int) c;
- (NSColor *) bgColorAtRow: (int) r column: (int) c;
- (int) fgColorIndexAtRow: (int) r column: (int) c ;
- (int) bgColorIndexAtRow: (int) r column: (int) c ;
- (unichar) charAtRow: (int) r column: (int) c;
- (int) isDoubleByteAtRow: (int) r column:(int) c;
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