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TagViewLayout Android


An Android TagView library. You can customize awesome TagView by using this library.


preset layout configurations in examples

Video Demo


  • multiple choice mode
  • single selection choice mode
  • toggle and switching color by xml style configurations
  • styling via code base / xml base
  • support using drawables as button face
  • support hard preset items


Step 1

Add below dependency in your build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.hkm.taglib:tag:1.7.1'

Step 2

Use the AndroidTagView in layout file, you can add customized attributes here.

    app:tag_theme="pure_teal" />

Step 3

Use TagView in your code.

TagContainerLayout mTagContainerLayout = (TagContainerLayout) findViewById(;
mTagContainerLayout.setTags(List<String> tags);

Now, you have successfully created some TagViews. The following will show some more useful features for you customize.


name format description
vertical_interval dimension Vertical interval, default 5(dp)
horizontal_interval dimension Horizontal interval, default 5(dp)
container_border_width dimension TagContainerLayout border width(default 0.5dp)
container_border_radius dimension TagContainerLayout border radius(default 10.0dp)
container_border_color color TagContainerLayout border color(default #22FF0000)
container_background_color color TagContainerLayout background color(default #11FF0000)
container_enable_drag boolean Can drag TagView(default false)
container_drag_sensitivity float The sensitive of the ViewDragHelper(default 1.0f, normal)
container_gravity enum The TagContainerLayout gravity
tag_border_width dimension TagView Border width(default 0.5dp)
tag_corner_radius dimension TagView Border radius(default 15.0dp)
tag_horizontal_padding dimension Horizontal padding for TagView, include left and right padding(left and right padding are equal, default 20px)
tag_vertical_padding dimension Vertical padding for TagView, include top and bottom padding(top and bottom padding are equal, default 17px)
tag_text_size dimension TagView Text size(default 14sp)
tag_bd_distance dimension The distance between baseline and descent(default 5.5px)
tag_text_color color TagView text color(default #FF666666)
tag_border_color color TagView border color(default #88F44336)
tag_background_color color TagView background color(default #33F44336)
tag_max_length integer The max length for TagView(default max length 23)
tag_theme enum The TagView theme
tag_text_direction enum The TagView text direction
tag_drawable_state0 drawable The drawable for the default state
tag_drawable_state1 drawable The drawable for the active state
tag_drawable_state2 drawable The drawable for the preselected / press state
tag_drawable_state3 drawable The drawable for the preselected / press state - hard preset
tag_drawable_state4 drawable The drawable for the preselected / press state - hard preset
tag_drawable_state5 drawable The drawable for the preselected / press state - hard preset

You can set these attributes in layout file, or use setters(each attribute has get and set method) to set them.


theme code value description
none ColorFactory.NONE -1 If you customize TagView with your way, set this theme
random ColorFactory.RANDOM 0 Create each TagView using random color
pure_cyan ColorFactory.PURE_CYAN 1 All TagView created by pure cyan color
pure_teal ColorFactory.PURE_TEAL 2 All TagView created by pure teal color


direction code value description
ltr View.TEXT_DIRECTION_LTR 3 Text direction is forced to LTR(default)
rtl View.TEXT_DIRECTION_RTL 4 Text direction is forced to RTL


gravity code value description
left Gravity.LEFT 3 Push TagView to the left of TagContainerLayout(default)
center Gravity.CENTER 17 Push TagView to the center of TagContainerLayout
right Gravity.RIGHT 5 Push TagView to the right of TagContainerLayout


  • Set a TagView.OnTagClickListener for TagView, for onTagClick and onTagLongClick callback
mTagContainerLayout.setOnTagClickListener(new TagView.OnTagClickListener() {

    public void onTagClick(int position, String text) {
        // ...

    public void onTagLongClick(final int position, String text) {
        // ...
  • Use setTagMaxLength(int max) to set text max length for all TagView.
mTagContainerLayout.setTagMaxLength(int max);
  • Use getTagText(int position) to get TagView text at the specified location.
String text = mTagContainerLayout.getTagText(int position);
  • getTags() return a string list for all tags in TagContainerLayout.
List<String> list = mTagContainerLayout.getTags();
  • If you set the attribute container_enable_drag to true, when drag the TagView you can get latest state by using getTagViewState(). There are 4 state:ViewDragHelper.STATE_IDLE, ViewDragHelper.STATE_DRAGGING, and ViewDragHelper.STATE_SETTLING.
int state = mTagContainerLayout.getTagViewState();
  • Set the theme. If you want to customize theme, remember set theme with ColorFactory.NONE first, then set other attributes.
// Set library provides theme
// Set customize theme
  • Set the text direction. The library support two direction View.TEXT_DIRECTION_LTR and View.TEXT_DIRECTION_RTL.
  • Use setTagTypeface(Typeface typeface) to set TagView text typeface.
Typeface typeface = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "iran_sans.ttf");

After set the attributes, set tags or add a tag.

  • Use setTags() to set tags, require a parameter of type List<String> or String[].
mTagContainerLayout.setTags(List<String> tags);
  • Insert a TagView into ContainerLayout at the end.
mTagContainerLayout.addTag(String text);
  • Insert a TagView into ContainerLayout at the specified location, the TagView is inserted before the current element at the specified location.
mTagContainerLayout.addTag(String text, int position);
  • Remove TagView on particular position, require the position of the TagView
mTagContainerLayout.removeTag(int position);
  • Remove all TagViews.

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