This is a project that verifies the code snippets embedded within documentation
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doc-code-verify is a tool to verify source code samples embedded within the documentation. It checks that all code snippets in the documentation are also in the code source thus ensuring that the documentation is always up to date.


export DART_SDK=.../dart/dart-sdk
export PATH=$PATH:$DART_SDK/bin
pub install

# Put doc_code_verify.dart itself in your PATH.
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin


Start by creating a directory and putting some documentation into it. The documentation can have lines that look like this:

// BEGIN(my_example_name)
Source code
// END(my_example_name)

Now, create another directory and put some code in it. You can have examples such as:

// BEGIN(my_example_name)
Source code
// END(my_example_name)

doc-code-verify will check that the given source code between the begin and end tags are identical for each example. If there are any differences, doc-code-verify will display the two versions and allow the user to make corrections accordingly. The DOCUMENTATION and CODE directories will not be changed.


To get usage, run:

doc_code_verify.dart --help

Example names can contain anything, except a closing parenthesis. They can even contain whitespace, but whitespace is significant!

I plan on making the actual syntax configurable. Naturally, the goal is to support any text-based documentation format (especially HTML) and any type of source code (especially Dart).

Example blocks may overlap with one another.

The whitespace used in the code doesn't have to perfectly match the whitespaece used in the documentation, just incase you need to indent it or format it slightly differently.

You can use two blocks with the same name. The contents of those blocks will be concatenated. This is helpful for times when a code sample contains a bunch of pieces of code spread out across a file.

If you leave out the END for a block in the code directory, it'll include the rest of the file. If you leave out the END for a block in the documentation directory, it'll result in a warning.


To run the unittests:

dart --enable-checked-mode test/doc_code_verifier_test.dart


Make it possible to configure the syntax.

Make it possible to ignore certain filetypes. E.g. ignore files that aren't source code.

Make sure it works on simple files as well as directories.

Make sure things get printed to stderr using: stderr.writeString("Message").

Known Limitations

It does not play well with symlink loops. See (