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@@ -7,3 +7,19 @@ What the BBC do not cater for are people who use alternative operating systems o
The BBC have a well documented platform neutrality policy which they seem to be reluctant to keep themselves to and after repeated digs at open source, I thought we'd show them what open source can do.
So get hacking and hold the BBC accountable, because not all licence payers use windows!
+The code is a bit of a mess at the minute. The first aim is to clean it up and port it to doing things the 'Modern Perl' way.
+1. Refactor out the shared variables.
+2. Port all of the classes to Mouse.
+3. Renamespace classes under 'gip::' prefix.
+4. Split it out into seperate files for each class.
+5. Cut back superfluous command line options and more crazy features
+6. Add a new plugin system
+7. Refactor the code to use plugins for some of the 'choices'
+8. Rebundle with App::FatPacker so it's all one script again.
+9. Write tests
+10. Fix bugs
+11. GOTO 8

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ode79 commented on 0f3595d Mar 21, 2010

Hi James, I just saw the plans and wanted to leave you a thank you message for picking up this project.
The browser based flash player on Linux isn't all that great with fast moving action sometimes so get_iplayer was great for me. Watching the mp4 files in mplayer works so much better and I really glad you have picked up the project.

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