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Helpful irc bot.
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My IRC bot built with irctk that sits in #tech@nyu on and searches the internets for the gud stuff. Currently searches Giphy, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

  • How to add a bot command:

    from gudguy import bot
    @bot.command('mc')  # shortcut
    def my_command(context):
        command = context.args  # the command that was issued
        return 'Hi.'
  • Then in gudguy/ make sure the module your command was defined in is imported.

  • All commands must be prefixed with ., i.e. .youtube


  • .g, .giphy searches Giphy. You can add random to your query to pull a random gif.
  • .sc, .soundcloud_track searches SoundCloud for tracks.
  • .yt, .youtube searches YouTube.
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