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Java Game Framework: Java game development framework (Archived Project)
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Java Game Framework

JGF is a game development framework for Java. It handles common tasks related to game programming in order to ease and speed up game development.

JGF lets you focus in the actual game look and feel while it takes care of common game functionality like asset loading, settings management, game states, debugging tools... (see Features). You can extend and reuse existing functionality to suit your needs.

JGF can be extended to work with any 2D or 3D game engine. Current components and examples are currently based on the fantastic JMonkeyEngine Java 3D Engine.

JGF Home - Features - Getting Started - Browse the Source - FAQ



an introduction screen can easily be added from configuration

JME's amazing "Nymon's" SceneMonitor is easy to integrate, to assist development

JGF makes using JME debugging utilities easy

a shot of the tutorial game "MudVolley"

an screenshot of the Tanks example game

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There's a small video of JGF in action here:

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