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Smaller Changes #4

merged 8 commits into from Mar 12, 2012

2 participants

vkroll commented Mar 12, 2012


read the docs again on the weekend and found some smaller issues, which you maybe want to incorporate.


Volker Kroll added some commits Mar 12, 2012
Volker Kroll dns -> dsn in the SYNOPSIS 013b10b
Volker Kroll db_sandbox_class has an error in the documentation, talks one time of
Mysql as default the other time of SQLite. Removed the Mysql because it
is SQLite concerning the code
Volker Kroll in schema_args changed path to home_dir to path to target_dir 64d227d
Volker Kroll small typo da52319
Volker Kroll another small typo 662d792
Volker Kroll small typos and to fixes for POD syntax e1651b6
Volker Kroll missing ) 2e3327f
Volker Kroll small typo 701cae5
jjn1056 commented Mar 12, 2012

These are great fixes! I'm really happy to see us focusing on documentation issues, since traditionally Perl projects have not always been so great at that.

When the book comes out you'll be sure to get cred :)

@jjn1056 jjn1056 merged commit 2fbdbc3 into jjn1056:master Mar 12, 2012
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