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[% META title = "Shutterstock Exchange" %]
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<Strong>Welcome to Shutterstock Exchange!</Strong>
This is a website where Shutterstock employees are encouraged to ask
questions, discuss and provide answers, all while earning reputation points
that can be cashed in for valuable prizes. In addition there will be weekly,
monthy and quarterly contests with special prizes for active community
members. So get started!
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<Strong>Recently Asked.</Strong> These are the most recently asked
questions by contributing Shutterstock employees.
<table class="table table-striped">
<th>Total Answers</th><th>Question</th><th>Asked By</th><th>Date</th>
<tbody id="questions">
[% BLOCK q_tr %] <tr>
<td>[% title %]</td>
<td>[% person_asked_by.handle %]</td>
<td>[% asked_on.dmy %]
[% asked_on.hms %]</td>
</tr> [% END %]
[% IncludeUtils.fill("q_tr", questions) %]
<div class="tab-pane" id="unanswered">Longest Unanswered</div>
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PROCESS "$component.caller/$" %]
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[% END %]