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This file documents the revision history for Perl Application 'Task::BeLike::JJNAPIORK'.
0.09 2011-03-24
- New copyright date and minor increases to the dependency versions
0.08 2010-12-30
- Decreased Perl version requirement to 5.8.5 since it seems all the
dependencies work at least that far back
0.07 2010-12-20
- New makefile include setup for better communication over errors and
missing bits.
- Minor documentation updates
- New versions for Module::Setup.
0.06 2010-12-15
- Removed unused dependencies
- changed Makefile setup to reflect my modern practice
- documented above
0.05 2010-09-22
- Removed App::Ack, since its not someone you need to do the most basic
deployment stuff that is the goal of this distribution.
- Clean up of the Makefil.PL to be more explicit in what it needs
0.04 2010-09-17
- Swapped MI::Github with MI::Repository for non github based projects.
- Swapped MI::ReadmePodFromPod to MI::ReadMeMarkdownFromPod.
- Added MI::Homepage and MI::License for more automation.
- Added a Module::Setup custom flavor (the one I like :) )
- Changed Makefile.PL to reflect and test above. Addes docs as well.
0.03 2010-09-15
- took out CARP::REPL since it's a debugging tool, not something that fits
the role of this module which is intended to be a sort of personal SDK,
not a catchall of everything I use all the time.
- Add Module::Install::ManifestSkip since I hate having to copy this around
and have it clutter up my repo.
- Added MI:ReadmeFromPOD since sometimes we want a text only README.
0.02 2010-08-31
- fixed bad tests
0.01 2010-08-31
- initial revision.