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Fedorakmod - Yum Plugin for Kernel Modules

Plugin for Yum to handle kernel modules as described by the Fedora Extras
packaging standards.  (Now obsolete as Fedora no longer includes kernel
module packages.)

We can install a kmod for all installed kernel versions/variants.  Set

    installforallkernels = 1

in the conf file.  The default is to turn this feature on.  Set to 0
to disable.

We can delay instalation of a new kernel until the needed kmods are 
available based on the kmods installed for the running kernel.  Set

    pinkernels = 1

in the conf file.  Any other value or a missing pinkernels line defaults
to turn this functionality off.

To Do

 * Support the kmod version 2 standard used by livna/rpmfusion

Jack Neely <> -- 2009/04/23