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GWT I18N Server-Side on GAE

It's possible to use the client GWT CONSTANTS/MESSAGES on the server side in Google App Engine.

You have to use the gwt-i18n-server project and modify it so that it works on GAE.

I have modified it for me and publish it here.

How to use

Copy the files in the folder in your project.

If you use it, you have to copy the (and MESSAGES, and other nls files) into the folder war/nls_server. You could also create a (svn) link.

Use it so in your Service or Servlet:

// Internationalized "hello"
AppNLS nls = GWTI18N.create(AppNLS.class, "de"); // "de" is the language
return nls.hello() + " " + yourName;

There's no fallback or inheritance support...

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