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An open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3 using libraries from PSL1GHT. Now includes dev_blind. 100% untested, guaranteed.
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OpenPS3FTP version 3.0 README

OpenPS3FTP is an open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3. It supports
the basic FTP commands that the typical user would need to transfer files
in and out of their console.

OpenPS3FTP is built using libraries from the PSL1GHT SDK.

What makes OpenPS3FTP stand out from the rest?

- Theoretically unlimited simultaneous transfers (depends on storage device)
- Open Source
- Greater stability when transferring multiple files
- Supports virtually all FTP clients
- Ability to change file permissions (SITE CHMOD, used by FileZilla)
- Supports transfer resuming

Source Code License: Beerware

Do what you like with the source code - however when releasing something that
makes use of this source code, I would appreciate the attribution.

You do *not* have to release source code, but it is encouraged as it will
facilitate further development of OpenPS3FTP.

Enjoy the 'brew? Send me a beer!

OpenPS3FTP Updates and Information

OpenPS3FTP releases:
GitHub (v3.0+, Beerware):
GitHub (v2.x, GPLv3):
GitHub (v1.x, GPLv3):

Thank you for using OpenPS3FTP!

John Olano (jjolano)
Twitter: @jjolano
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