An open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3 using libraries from PSL1GHT.
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OpenPS3FTP is an open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3. It supports
the basic FTP commands that the typical user would need to transfer files
in to and out of their console.

Homebrews that use modified OpenPS3FTP code to provide FTP services include:
- multiMAN
- webMAN
- Rebug Toolbox

Consider donating $1 (or $0.01) to show your appreciation. Thank you!


Source code:

- By default, the Makefile compiles for Linux. This can be changed by setting
  the make variable SDK to either PSL1GHT or CELL.
- The 'bin' directory contains examples that help integrate the library into
  your own program.
- Questions/need support? Create an "Issue" on the GitHub repo.

- There are two builds included in a standard distribution: CEX and REX.
  CEX is usable on (O/C)FW 3.40 to 3.55, and REX is for any CFW 3.56+.

Future Plans:
- SPRX/VSH plugin.

- jjolano