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SPRX-only release.

This release adds NTFS support, and various code optimizations.

Known Issues:

  • The console will hard-lock when shutting down the console while a client is connected to the FTP server. Please disconnect before shutting down!

And to promote some of my other PS3 projects...

PS3NTFS - https://github.com/jjolano/ps3ntfs/releases

  • This is required for NTFS functionality on openps3ftp.sprx. However, if you (for some reason) do not want to use this, there is openps3ftp_ntfs.sprx which includes the code built-in.
  • There are advantages to having separate plugins for library functions - one being that any new library updates can be done just by updating the plugin itself without worrying about dependent plugins. Another advantage is that multiple plugins can share the same library code, which in the end saves RAM usage.
  • Should there be any updates to libntfs, this plugin can easily be updated and all homebrews using PS3NTFS will automatically have the latest update to libntfs.

PRXMB - https://github.com/jjolano/prxmb/releases

  • This allows developers to extend XMB functionality through module-actions. It is in the Scene's best interest to adopt this to advance in PS3 homebrew development.