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Sample project built to demonstrate CQRS with Event Sourcing with the help of Jonathan Oliver's EventStore, NanoMessageBus, CommonDomain and StorageAccess projects
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Sample project demonstrating CQRS & Event Sourcing

The sample uses the following projects from Jonathan Oliver (

  • EventStore
  • NanoServiceBus
  • CommonDomain
  • StorageAccess

For more information on CQRS and Event Sourcing

To Run The Sample

  1. You need to create 3 databases in SQL Server 2008 express: Sample.Subscriptions Sample.EventStore Sample.ReadModel

On the Sample.Subscriptions table you need to run the lib\NanoMessageBus\SubscriptionStorage.sql to create the table in which NanoMessageBus will store the subscriptions.

  1. You need to create 4 transactional Queues in MSMQ: Sample.AppService Sample.Error Sample.Denormalizer Sample.Client

Description of the sample Domain Models implemented:


Simple domain consisting of a Person Aggregate Root and two value objects ( PersonName and Address ). The model allows the creation of a person, the MovePerson operation witch changes the address and the kill-ing of a person.


Sample domain with two ARs, Document and ShareClass and some VOs that demonstrates modeling many-to-many between aggregates. This domain is still work in progress.

A short description of the projects in the sample:

Write Side

1. Sample.DomainModel
    - the domain model for the sample
    - this model is persisted using event sourcing and does not need to handle reads ( queries ) 
    since they are done on the read side.
    - the resulting event stream is the "source of truth" data.

2. Sample.AppService 
    - the handlers for the commands our domain knows to execute

3. Sample.AppServiceHost
    - infrastructure for wiring up the command handlers to NanoServiceBus 
    - this is the actual instance of the service that needs to be running for the write side to process

Read Side

1. Sample.ReadModel
    - the read model on witch queries are executed
    - this model should be mapped as close as possible to the views
    - this model can be regenerated from the event stream 

2. Sample.Denormalizer
    - the event handlers for the domain events that are published by the DomainModel on the WriteSide
    - this handlers keep the read model in sync with the event stream
    - a better name for it is welcome

3. Sample.DenormalizerHost
    - infrastructure for wiring up the event handlers to NanoServiceBus
    - this process needs to run for the read side to be updated.


1. Sample.Messages
    - definitions for commands and events that are handled or published by the Domain Model

2. Sample.Client.Web
    - ASP.NET MVC3 application that demonstrates how to integrate the WriteSide & the ReadSide in an application.


  • Add more complex objects to the domain
  • Review transaction management on integration points
  • use ConfOrm for mapping the read model
  • Add error handeling/reporting
  • Create generic infrastructure to handle message/handler registration in nano message bus
  • Add js pooling sample to handle eventual consistency
  • Add more inter aggregate communication/operations


This sample's primary purpose is for me to gain experience with Autofac, NanoMessageBus, EventStore and all the other projects involved.

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