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WordPress base repository for any project
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WordPress: Starter boilerplate

WordPress base repository for any project.


Built with WordPress platform using the following technologies: HTML 5, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, SASS & Compass, Lando (Docker), NPM or Yarn, Gulp v.4 and Deployer.

For your projects I recommend underscores theme. More information about:

Note: You can install the WooCommerce boilerplate and not sassify if it is ecommerce.

Installing dependencies

If Lando's tools does not work for you, there is another way. You must install the environment manually: XAMP, Node.JS, NPM or Yarn and Gulp CLI.

For more information visit:

Note: If you work with Windows. To execute the commands, we recommend installing Cygwin

Note: I recommend installing the following IDE for PHP Programming: Visual Studio Code ( or PHPStorm (recommended) (

Project skeleton

├─ assets/ # Front-end directory
│  ├─ font/
│  ├─ img/
│  ├─ js/
│  ├─ scss/
│  ├─ .htaccess.dist
│  ├─ .htpasswd.dist
│  └─ functions.php.dist
├─ gulp/
│  ├─ task/
│  └─ config.js # Paths and configuration Gulp system.
├─ public/ # WordPress directory
├─ .babelrc
├─ .editorconfig
├─ .env.dist
├─ .gitignore
├─ .jshintignore
├─ .jshintrc
├─ .lando.yml
├─ .stylelintignore
├─ .stylelintrc
├─ composer.json
├─ deploy.php
├─ gulpfile.babel.js
├─ package.json
├─ phpcs.xml


  1. Open the lando.yml and rename the project and proxy name.
  2. Download and install the main theme. I recommend:
  3. Open the gulp/config.js and rename the theme const according theme path.
  4. Cut (don't copy) the ./assets/functions.php file into root directory of theme and include the following code: require_once ('core/functions.php'); on end of [theme]/functions.php document. Note: The logic custom programming write to core/functions.php.
  5. Open your terminal and browse to the root location of your project.
  6. Run $lando start.
    • The project has a .lando.yml file with all the environment settings.
    • The command starts the installation process when it finishes, you can see all the URLs to access.
  7. End. Happy developing.

Developing with NPM or Yarn, Gulp. PHP_CodeSniffer and Deployer

  • Open your terminal and browse to the root location of your project.
  • If required. Run: $lando npm install --save-dev or $lando yarn install --dev then: $lando gulp [action]
  • To work with and compile your Sass and JS files on the fly start: $lando gulp
  • Gulp actions commands list:
    • $lando gulp validateScss Validate SASS with stylelint.
    • $lando gulp css Compile SASS to CSS.
    • $lando gulp cssAssets Copy CSS assets to CSS directory.
    • $lando gulp fontAssets Copy FONTS assets to CSS directory.
    • $lando gulp js Concat and minify JS files.
    • $lando gulp validateJs Validate JS with jshint.
    • $lando gulp jsAssets Copy JS assets to CSS directory.
    • $lando gulp images Copy and minify images.
    • $lando gulp watch Compile SASS to CSS and concat and minify JS files in real-time.
    • $lando gulp clean Delete all files.
  • NPM actions commands list:
    • $lando npm run gulp:dev Compile for development environment
    • $lando npm run gulp:prod Compile for production environment
  • If required. Run: $lando composer install then: $lando dep [action].
  • If you deploy with Deployer. Copy the .env.dist to .env and you add the server credentials and git repository.
  • Deployer actions commands list:
    • $lando dep deploy local Deploy to the local machine in the docker container.
    • $lando dep deploy pre Deploy to the pre production server.
    • $lando dep deploy pro Deploy to the production server.
  • If you work with PHP CodeSniffer. If required run $lando phpcs --config-set installed_paths /path/to/wpcs
    • $lando phpcs Runs the phpcs
    • $lando phpcbf Runs the phpcbf

Technologies and tools

The present project uses several technologies and tools for the automation and development process. For more information and learning visit the following links.

  1. WordPress:
  2. Git:
  3. Lando:
  4. Deployer:
  5. Composer:
  6. NPM:
  7. Yarn:
  8. Sass:
  9. Gulp:
  10. Babel:
  11. Bootstrap:
  12. EditorConfig:
  13. PHP_CodeSniffer:
  14. Stylelint:
  15. Jshint:
  16. Human.txt:

Note: Thanks a lot of developers that to work on this projects.


  1. It is very important that if you deploy the project to publish. The DocumentRoot on the VirtualHost has to point to the public/ directory.
  2. It is very important that if you deploy the project to publish with Deployer. The DocumentRoot on the VirtualHost has to point to the current/public/ directory.

Others clarifications

  1. It is possible that on Mac OS the Gulp tasks do not run the correct form. In this case install NodeJS, NPM and Gulp-cli in your OS and execute the tasks outside the Docker containers.


Remove all themes or plugins that you don't use.

More information on the following commits. If required.

Grettings @jjpeleato.

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