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VPN Plus for Android

VPN Plus is a free Android VPN client that combines VPN and video search. Use this app to protect online privacy and watch videos without being tracked by video sites.

Download APK

How to use

  1. Use the VPN switch button on the top left corner to turn on/off VPN.

  2. Use the search bar to search videos. Search results are categorized into two groups: All ages and above 18. It is your own obligation to obey the laws of your country and decide which vids can not played.

  3. Play video by clicking on a search result.

  4. You can get Google services and Google Play within the app.

Install Google services

If there is no Google services pre-installed by your phone maker, here we will help you to get Google services and Google Play step by step.

Download and install these APKs in the order listed below.

Google services framework.

Check your phone's Settings and get the correct Android version.

Many phone makers ship their own OS. Don't be confused. For example, MIUI 10.2 is based on Android 8.0. Here, "8.0" is the correct version number.

Android 9: google-services-framework-9.apk

Android 8: google-services-framework-8.1.0.apk

Android 7: google-services-framework-7.1.2.apk

Google account manager google-account-manager-7.1.2.apk

Google Play services google-play-services-15.0.90.apk

Google Play google-play-store-13.8.16.apk

If the above APKs do not work on your phone, pick up the right APK from

  1. google-services-framework
  2. google-account-manager
  3. google-play-services
  4. google-play-store

For those want to get more APKs, check out all Google APKs on

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