Reusable charts and chart components for d3.js.
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nvd3 - v0.0.1

***This is the last open source state of NVD3 by Novus Partners. Novus may be closing source of further development, this may become the initial state of a new open source d3 reusable chart library.

A reusable chart library for d3.JS by Bob Monteverde

Currently in an early stage of development, but will be a very active project. It may change quite a bit from its current state, but will always try to follow the style in which d3.js was done.

If one of the existing models doesn't meet your needs, fork the project, implement the model and an example using it, send us a pull request, for consideration for inclusion in the project.

Minifying your fork:

The Makefile requires UglifyJS.

The easist way to install is to install via npm. Run npm install uglify-js from your home directory, then add the output from npm bin into your path so that you have access to uglifyjs from the command line (remember to restart your terminal window when adding to the path.)

Once you have uglifyjs command available, running make from your fork's root directory will rebuild both nv.d3.js and nv.d3.min.js.

Without UglifyJS, you won't get the minified version when running make.

**We ask that you DO NOT minify pull requests... If you need to minify please build pull request in separate branch, and merge and minify in yout master.