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Reenabling colors in Xcode's console
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Colored Console

This project reenables colors in Xcode's console (with a limited palette). Just like this:

How it works

It's been nearly 3 years since the issue "Xcode 8 kills code colors" was raised on the venerable XcodeColors project. Since then we've been limited to using emojis to add color to our console.

Recently I wondered, has the answer been staring us in the face all that time. While Xcode doesn't allow styled text, it does respect colored glyphes such as 😊. That very ticket makes a bunch of suggestions for using them in the console.

ColoredConsole-Bold is a font, based on FiraMono-Bold which adds ligatures for enabling colored variants of the ASCII character set. Here's the default color range:

The 5 colors are enabled by suffixing the character with one of the Fitzpatrick Emoji Modifiers: ⁠🏻, ⁠🏼, ⁠🏽, ⁠🏾, or ⁠🏿.

Changing the colors

You can have different colors and modifier codepoints by changing and running ./ I have not documented this (yet).

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