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Minimum Rubber

Minimum Rubber is a collection of Core Graphics and Core Foundation related functions I've found useful. There are a few sources:

  • my own design, eg MRFontDataCreateWithNameAndPaths
  • code in other languages, eg MRPathAddQuadToPointWithCurve
  • example answers, eg from Stack Overflow

Why does it exist?

The main impetus was the creation of custom TrueType fonts. I learned a bit about Core Graphics paths and Core Text writing The Map (an iOS app) and after seeing a note entitled “Loading iOS fonts dynamically” by Marco Arment, knew I could connect the two.

In order to achieve this I ended up pulling in a bunch of my private code and code ported from various places around the web. Thus Minimum Rubber came to be.

The name

I'm not very good at naming things so I now use the Project Name Generator until I get a name I like. I think this one appealed as I was playing with CGAffineTranform which reminded me of “Rubber sheet geometry”. Make of that what you will.