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#Adventure Game Studio

Licensed under the Artistic License 2.0, see License.txt in the Engine folder.

##Engine instructions

To get started with the AGS engine, see the platform specific instructions or forum threads:

##Issue tracker

Please report bugs and feature requests at the AGS Issue Tracker!


We are happy about every contributor, so if you want to help out, you can get commit access to the adventuregamestudio/ags repository.

There is also always the possibility of pushing changes to a personal fork and then creating a pull request. This is also a good idea if you have commit access, but feel that changes you made should be reviewed before inclusion.

The main branch should be kept in a working state and always compilable on all targeted platforms. Larger changes that potentially break things temporarily should first be made in refactory (for refactoring) and other branches or in personal forks.

##AGS game compatibility:

This runtime engine port is not compatible with all AGS games. There are the following restrictions:

  • Supported AGS versions right now are all starting from 2.50 even though running games below version 3.2x is experimental. You can check the version of AGS a game was made with by examining the properties of the game executable. If you try to run a game made with a newer or older version of AGS, you will receive an error when trying to launch the game.
  • Savegames are compatible between the different platforms if they are created with the same engine version.
  • Games that depend on plugins for which there is no platform-independent replacement will not load.


  • Adventure Game Studio by Chris Jones (
  • Linux port by berolinux (
  • Additional code by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer and Christian Morales Vega
  • PSP Eboot artwork by Paul Wilkinson (subspark)
  • AGSBlend plugin by Steven Poulton (see License_AGSBlend.txt)
  • PSP, Android, iOS ports and continued development by JJS