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#include "ESP8266TOTP.h"
* this example uses a static point in time for test purposes
* use NTP time in a real application to get true time based one time passwords calculated
const uint64_t STATIC_EPOCH = 1480712707;
void setup()
Serial.begin(115200, SERIAL_8N1);
totpData data;
if (ESP8266TOTP::GetNewKey(data.keyBytes)) {
for(int i = 0; i < TOTP_SECRET_BYTE_COUNT; i++) {
unsigned char data32[BASE_32_ENCODE_LENGTH];
if (ESP8266TOTP::GetBase32Key(data.keyBytes, data32)) {
Serial.println(ESP8266TOTP::GetQrCodeImageUri(data.keyBytes, "Some host", "Some issuer"));
int otp = ESP8266TOTP::GetTOTPToken(STATIC_EPOCH, data.keyBytes);
if (ESP8266TOTP::IsTokenValid(STATIC_EPOCH, data.keyBytes, otp)) {
//this code path will always be taken in this test application
//since we're basically comparing a firmware calculated OTP with the same
//firmware calculated OTP passed as the ESP8266TOTP::IsTokenValid candidateOtp parameter.
//In a real application, STATIC_EPOCH would be an NTP client determined epoch time value
//and the ESP8266TOTP::IsTokenValid candidateOtp parameter would be supplied to the
//firmware in some way i.e. as a HTTP form post value
Serial.println("ESP8266TOTP::IsTokenValid..Yes it is!!");
} else {
Serial.println("ESP8266TOTP::GetBase32Key failed");
} else {
Serial.println("ESP8266TOTP::GetNewKey failed");
void loop()